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The Villas

All of our Villas are equipped with all the amenities to provide you with unforgettable holidays and getaways. You can enjoy garden areas where you will find a wonderful landscape and environmental panorama, with private swimming pools.


Villa Rosa

Villa Rosa is a private villa with excellent views, where comfort and harmony reign, with a garden, swimming pool and private jacuzzi in a calm, peaceful and relaxed environment.


Prices start at: 360 for 2 nights

Villa Colina

Villa Colina is a large, modern architecture private villa. With a natural landscape and excellent panoramic views, a large garden and swimming pool where you will find a perfect refuge for a few days of tranquility.


Prices start at: 260 for 2 nights

Villa Mila

Villa Mila is a private villa with modern features where you can find all amenities in a welcoming and refined environment. Take advantage of our garden and heated pool for a few relaxing days of rest.


Prices start at: 400 for 2 nights

Villa Flor

Villa Flor is a private villa where you can enjoy a memorable holiday in a refined and peaceful environment, where you can take a dip in the heated pool and spend unique moments in the jacuzzi. The outdoor space with nooks and crannies that invite you to rest.


Prices start at: 380 for 2 nights